Best Portable Volleyball Net System "that simple" Why, it can be used from Men's height, Women's, Tennis Court, Badminton, Paddleball, Boundball, and anything else you can think of with a net.  This court is made of Military sleeved aluminum poles, special designed oversized base units, quick connect quality net with dowels, strap lines with beach and sand anchors. One person can put it up in under 10 minutes, play all day then put away in its water proof bag. Do your research compare on-line, try and find something comparable, there isn't anything to compare even at twice the price. I have 2 AVP Pro Systems that are more than twice the price both in storage, because mine are better. The Cost is $300 with Tournament Net, Stop waiting to get on a court just to play one game, have your own system and go play with your friends all day without waiting around.
Jay Miller [email protected] 904-742-0101


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